code of ethics


COE: Members and Associates

I. BTI is a voluntary organization whose mission is:

  • To maintain a high level of ethics, principles, and standards.
  • To maintain a forum through which our members, associates, and Broadband Tax Officials can foster a thorough understanding regarding tax laws and compliance issues

II. A member or associate, when conducting business on the behalf of BTI, should not engage in:

  • Any illegal act or actions including, but not limited to, bribes, kickbacks, and verbal or written sexual and racial harassment.
  • Any activity that would represent an actual or perceived conflict of interest between BTI and the member.
  • Making disparaging remarks about another member or his or her organization.

III. BTI property including (but not limited to) a BTI membership list, BTI logo, or member's position/status within BTI, shall NOT be used by any person or organization for any purpose unrelated to the Broadband Tax Institute.

Without limiting the foregoing, a BTI membership list/ logo/or any other BTI property shall NOT be:

  • Used for any purpose which the user does not reasonably and in good faith believe will benefit BTI or its members.
  • Used for any commercial purpose or purpose in business competition.
  • Sold or purchased by any person or member of their company.
  • NOTE: However, that a member company may indicate its membership with BTI in the company's publications, web site or other media produced by or for the member company but the indication shall not be written in such a manner that a reasonable person would construe it as an endorsement by BTI of the company or of any individual associated with the company.

IV. Any member found to have violated the provisions of paragraphs II or III above may have their BTI membership and/or BTI Board or committee chair position revoked.

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