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Annual Conference

Our Annual Conference is held in the Fall of each year at locations of distinction. The BTI prides itself on the quality of its host facilities and the technical presentations, which qualify for continuing education credits for CPAs and attorneys.

2021 Annual Conference
  • Dates: 10/24 - 10/27
  • Location: Laguna Niguel, California
  • Hotel: Ritz-Carlton
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    Meredith Garwood | Charter


    Douglas Mo | Eversheds-Sutherland


    Jamie Fenwick | Charter

    Chief Technology Officer

    Timothy L. Sims | RubinBrown

    Chief Operating Officer

    Jennifer Justis | Comcast (215-286-7539 / Email)


    Phil D'Ambrosio | MSG

    Kristine Dankenbrink | Comcast

    Tim Lenneman | Liberty Media

    Chris Miller | T-Mobile

    Brian Paperny | AT&T

    William P. Van Saders | Verizon

    Mary Vickers | Cox